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At Clifford Rosler Management, we offer financial planning, financial management and investment services to clients around the world.

Our goal is to help you get the most out of your wealth and investments, helping you achieve your financial goals.

What is Financial Planning?

Financial planning is a way of looking at your finances as a whole. Every person's financial situation is different, and we look at each client individually to the best effect. When you give us complete information about your assets and liabilities, we can build an individual strategy that helps you achieve your goals.

This might be planning for retirement, ensuring an ongoing income for years to come, or investing to grow wealth for an expensive purchase. Whatever your target, we can develop a strategy that moves you toward the result you want.

What is Financial Management?

Financial management is a service that looks after your money. The term covers a broad range of services, all of which can be specifically chosen for the client to ensure the maximum benefit.

The main focus of financial management is to achieve the best possible returns on client investments while reducing risk where possible. In the simplest terms, we can help you to find suitable investments for your needs.

What is Investment Management?

Investment management is the day-to-day overseeing of client investments. You can have an investment manager looking after your portfolio through our service, making sure it is performing to its fullest potential.

Many clients are surprised at how lucrative investing can be, even with a relatively small amount of money to put towards it. With our guidance, your investments will grow and allow you to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Do we choose short term investments?

Short-term investments are just that, an investment made with a view to achieving returns within a specific time frame. Many investors choose short-term investments because their returns can be higher than they would be for long-term investments – but they often also have a much higher risk associated with them.

Typically, these types of investments can be less safe and secure when compared to long-term investments. Our financial plans and strategies always take account of your risk tolerance and your desired outcomes. Investments are chosen for your portfolio based on merit and suitability for your plan.

What is a portfolio?

A portfolio is a collection of investments. These investments can be similar or highly diverse – it is the outcome that matters to us rather than the specific investments within your portfolio. We can manage multiple portfolios for each client, where each portfolio consists of different types of investments to meet specific goals.

How can we manage your portfolio?

We offer three different levels of investment management. These are:

  • Self-Service Account Our investment advisors will act on your behalf with complete control, meaning that they will solely decide where and how your capital is invested. You will receive a quarterly statement showing your account progress; there will be a performance-related fee and a minimum entry requirement for this account.
  • Managed Service Account Our most popular account enables our clients to benefit from free research insights on the latest investment opportunities. You will be designated an account broker who will be able to provide you with a range of trades, and ultimately the trade decision is at the client's discretion.
  • Trade Service Account Clients can take advantage of trade service accounts; essentially, you will be able to call and place buy/sell orders at your discretion on a wide range of markets. We also offer margin positions depending on the availability of the stock/market.

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